Shaken Baby Simulator

Shaken Baby Simulator
Types of simulators:Simulátor syndromu "Shaken baby"
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  • Life-sized electronic simulator with accelerometers that measure the force on the brain when shaken
  • See-through vinyl head with illuminated LEDs to indicate the damaged areas of the brain in real time
  • Real infant cries that stop abruptly as shaking continues and brain damage increases
  • Comprehensive, informative curriculum designed to help participants understand SBS and establish a plan for managing stressful times with baby before frustration builds

Package Includes:

  • Simulator (batteries included), t-shirt, cloth diaper, receiving blanket and program materials
  • Instructor Guide: Simulator Operation & Complete Curriculum

Available to Purchase Separately:

  • 30-Page Overhead Transparency Presentation – “Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Preventable Tragedy” (Order 4102.7420)
  • “When Babies Cry” DVD from The Shaken Baby Alliance (Order 4102.7950)
Set includes:
Shaken baby simulator [pcs]1
T-shirt [pcs]1
Cloth diaper [pcs]1
Instructor guide [pcs]1