Science Kit Basic

Science Kit Basic
Science Kit Basic
Subject:Fuel cells and "H" technology
Quantitative unit:ks
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The Science Kit Basic is distinguished by its versatility. Besides experiments dealing with demountable fuel cells, there are also different experiments dealing with methanol fuel cells. The product includes PEM-fuel cell, an electrolysis unit as well as a handy and robust measuring box with integrated load producer. With the electric loads (like an engine or a lamp) clear and practical experiments are possible.

All required components for the experiments, like cables, are included in the product. 


  • Functional principles of a fuel cell
  • Functional principles of an electrolyser
  • How water is split into oxygen and hydrogen
  • IV-characteristics of the electrolyser
  • IV-characteristics of the fuel cell
  • Solar hydrogen circuit


  • Electrolyser
  • Fuel Cell
  • Solar Panel
  • Load Measurement Box
  • Instruction Material with Teacher's Guide


  • 5502.314 Lamp
  • 5502.345 Hand Generator