schuett colonyQuant - Automated colony counter

Schütt colonyQuant - Čítač kolonií automatizovaný
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  • Detailed decription
  • The economic solution for the evaluation of Petri dishes. Thanks to its high efficiency we can work with samples continuously. Only the press of one button can show us the sample and at the same time, his analysis.
    Switching between evaluation agar and alimentary dishes can be done simply by clicking a mouse.  
  • Software for the detection of bacteria according to color, size and shape.
  • Chamber for placing the sample with backlight and a color CCD-firewire camera.
  • During few seconds will be done the evaluation together with displaying the sample and table with values. Sample pictures can be storing in digital form.
  • Agar dishes, alimentary dishes, screw cap, analysis of mixed culture transition range.
  • 8 colours together on Petri dish.
  • Partial evaluation, 90% adjustable in accordance to GLP
  • schuett colonyQuant includes: coloured CCD-firewire camera with autozoom and autofocus, connecting firewire cable, line connector, chamber for backlight samples, lighting from bellow or from above, lucid counting software compatible with Windows XP