SB51912 - T3 Simulation System: Scenario Topics Volume 1 and 2 for SMART STAT Simulators

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Scenario solutions! Simulation allows educators to train as we treat and is a powerful instructional methodology in any EMS program. Running consistent validated simulations with numerous faculty members at different levels of simulation experience can be challenging. Through research-based development, the T3 Simulation System has been designed as a complete off-the-shelf solution to make the management of scenarios and simulation exercises as efficient as possible. The elements of the system include detailed lesson plans, scenario-based videos demonstrating actual performance and setup, online performance measurement tracking, and debriefing guides and simulator programming that work together to build student competency at all levels. The system can be used with any patient simulator, as well as with standardized patients. T3 reduces the faculty learning curve while providing program standardization and helps students meet certification requirements.


T3 Simulation System Includes:


Scenario Lesson Plans:

  • Each plan includes detailed objectives, dispatch, background, setup, equipment, roles, moulage, performance guides, dialogue, measurement, and debriefing information.

Scenario Guide Videos:

  • Each scenario is accompanied by over 20 minutes of video that walk through setup and performance. Each video includes a scene recreation, dispatch call, scene and ambulance management with a reassessment state change of patient, and radio report.

SimStarter Videos:

  • Dramatic depictions of real scenes immerse students in the action.

Online Tracking:

  • Multi-platform Scenario and Skills Evaluation record keeping system. One year site license included.

SMART STAT Programming:

  • Optional programming for the SMART STAT system.

Scenario Topics:


Volume 1

  • Medical - Geriatric Chest Pain and Arrest
  • Medical - Pediatric Respiratory Asthma
  • Medical - Geriatric Stroke
  • Medical - Diabetic Emergency
  • Medical - Psychiatric
  • Medical - Overdose
  • Medical - Seizure
  • Trauma - Multisystem
  • Trauma - Soft Tissue Burn
  • Trauma - Penetrating Pneumothorax

Volume 2

  • Medical - Respiratory COPD
  • Medical - Tachycardia Rhythm Disturbance
  • Medical - Geriatric Abdominal Pain
  • Medical - Poisoning
  • Medical - Pediatric Anaphylaxis
  • Medical - OB Precipitous Birth
  • Trauma - Heat Emergency
  • Trauma - Hemorrhage Partial Amputation
  • Trauma - Blunt Head Injury
  • Trauma - Electrical Burn

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