SB46502 - Decubitus Wound Care Model

SB30097 - Model péče o rány
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The most comprehensive model of its kind, molded, from a 74-year-old patient, looks and feels like the real thing. All four stages of pressure ulcers are displayed - some with the additional complications of undermining, tunneling, sinus track, fistula, slough, infection, and exposed bone. Also displayed are an unstageable eschar, a sutured wound, herpes, and candidiasis. Demonstrate and practise wound cleasing, classification, staging, and assessment, as well as the measurementof wound length, depth, undermining, and tunneling. All types of dressings including alginate biosynthetic, collagen, gauze, hydrocolloids, hydrogels, skin substitutes, transparent films, and wound fillers can be applied. The positioning of the wounds permits multiple dressing to be demonstrated at the same time.

Optional Accessories

  • SB30098 - Optional Carrying Case