S500.5 - Susie Articulating Newborn for Leopold Maneuvers

S500.5 - Novorozenec Susie pro Leopoldovy manévry a výuku porodu
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  • Detailed decription
  • Measuring approximately 42cm, Susie® Newborn may be used in all Gaumard Advanced Childbirth simulators purchased since 1989
  • 19 part simulator including articulating head and neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees
  • Realistic mouth and nostrils for simulated suctioning
  • Palpable fontanelles, spine, shoulders, buttocks, elbows, and knees
  • Position of newborn raised or lowered by air pressure in lower "cushion"
  • Ease of newborn palpation adjusted by air pressure in upper "cushion"
  • Instructions
  • Soft carrying bag