S500.4 - Labor Delivery Module

S500.4 - Porodní moduly
Obstetrics, gynecology - filter:Birthing simulators
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  • Detailed decription
  • Six labor stations selected to represent conditions of the cervix and vagina prior to labor, during labor, and at birth in a primigravid woman
  • Stations may be placed in birth canal of S500 Advanced Childbirth Simulator
  • Stations illustrated are:
    • STA -5 prior to onset of labor
    • STA -4 cervix partially effaced
    • STA -3 cervix fully effaced
    • STA 0 fetal head at plane of ischial spine
    • STA +2 cervix nearing full dilation
    • STA +5 crowning of fetal head
  • Six labor stations
  • Carrying case