HAL® S3101 Tetherless Patient Simulator

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HAL's® advanced design and tetherless technology eliminate external tubes, wires, and compressors. HAL® operates continuously during transport so that training can occur in the working environment. Rush HAL® from the accident scene to the ER or the ICU, while care providers diagnose and treat his condition using real monitoring and resuscitation equipment. HAL® smoothly transitions between physiologic states in response to commands from a wireless PC.
  • Wireless and tetherless; fully responsive even while being transported1
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hrs. of tetherless operation2
  • Oral or nasal intubation: ETT, LMA, King LT™, i-gel®
  • Laryngospasm, pharyngeal swelling, tongue edema
  • Intubation depth detection
  • Surgical airway: tracheostomy or needle cricothyrotomy
  • Mainstem intubation
  • Multiple upper airway sounds
  • Spontaneous breathing and programmable patterns
  • Ventilation is measured and logged
  • Gastric distension with excess BVM ventilation
  • Select independent left, right, upper, and lower lung sounds
  • Chest rise during assisted ventilation
  • Tension pneumothorax and bilateral needle decompression sites
  • Bilateral chest tube sites at 5th intercostal space
  • Active Eyes; programmable blink rate, pupil size, and pupil reaction
  • Severe or mild seizures
  • Preprogrammed speech responses
  • Wireless streaming voice; be the voice of HAL® and listen to replies
  • Normal and abnormal heart sounds, rates, and intensities
  • 4-Lead ECG monitoring using real devices; 12-lead ECG capable3
  • eCPR sensors; chest compressions are measured and logged
  • Monitor oxygen saturation using a real oximeter
  • Measurable blood pressure with audible Korotkoff sounds
  • Visible cyanosis
  • Bilateral carotid, radial, brachial, femoral, popliteal, and pedal pulses
  • Bilateral IV sites
  • Optional virtual drug recognition3
  • Intraosseous access at tibia
  • Bowel sounds in four quadrants
  • Male urinary catheterization with fluid return
HAL® S3101 includes
  • Tetherless Adult Patient Simulator
  • Wireless tablet PC; UNI license
  • Automatic Physiologic Control license
  • Preprogrammed scenarios library
  • Battery charger, BP cuff, surgical trachea kit, pneumo. decompression sites, user guide. Patented; other patents pending