S310 - CPR Simon BLS - Full body

Basic life support - filter:Figurína dospělého
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Quality CPR simulators designed to operate for years. Strong, sturdy construction with full-size, realistic landmarks and one piece disposable airways. Prewired for CPRLink™ for a first class BLS program.

  • Totally disposable airways for hygiene
  • Fully articulating head, neck, and jaw permitting head/tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust, and neck extension into the “sniffing” position
  • Airway blocked when head is forward
  • Easily accessible chest cavity with ribcage, lungs, and heart for realism and practice of the Heimlich maneuver
  • Realistic chest rise
  • Carotid and femoral arterial pulse points
  • Eyes open and close; one pupil is dilated
  • Instrumented for Code Blue/CPR Link™ which monitor the cadence and depth of cardiac compression and airway ventilation
  • Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles
  • 10 disposable airways
  • Detachable at waist for easy storage
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying bag