S230.200.PK.L - Advanced ZACK™ Multipurpose Men's Healthcare Task Trainer

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The Advanced ZACK™ Multipurpose Men's Healthcare Task Trainer is a full-sized, lifelike lower torso designed to help students and professionals learn and practice various men's health clinical procedures. The S230.200 has features that facilitate the hands-on acquisition of intimate clinical examination skills, including catheterization, testicular and prostate examination, vasectomy, and colonoscopy.
Urinary catheterization - Practice safe, aseptic insertion and removal of a catheter
Prostate examination -Learn vital rectal examination and palpation skills needed to distinguish between the "feel" of a normal prostate, benign conditions, and various grades of prostatic malignancies
Diagnose various prostate pathologies -The internal push-button mechanism allows you to rotate through and position four different prostate inserts (enlarged benign mass, two discreet nodules, a large mass, and malignant invasive cancer) during digital rectal examination training
No-scalpel vasectomy - Replaceable scrotal skin and vas deferens tubing allow for the repeated practice of vasectomy procedures using real surgical equipment
Testicular examination - Realistic testes allow participants to develop palpation skills needed for intimate examination procedures
Colonoscopy - Use a real endoscope to identify benign and malignant masses in the rectum and colon; practice biopsy and polyp removal with non-electrocautery devices
Package contents:
  • Advanced Zack S230.200
  • Scrotum
  • Normal testes
  • Rotational prostate assembly
  • Vas deferens reel
  • Cancerous testis 1
  • Cancerous testis 2
  • Fill and drain kit
  • Talcum powder, 2 oz
  • Mineral oil
  • User guide