S2209 - Premie HAL - 30-Week Premature Infant Patient Simulator

Premie HAL - Pacientský simulátor 30týdenního předčasně narozeného dítěte
Premie HAL - Pacientský simulátor 30týdenního předčasně narozeného dítětePremie HAL - Pacientský simulátor 30týdenního předčasně narozeného dítěte
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The Premie HAL® S2209 is a lifelike, wireless and tetherless 30-week preterm patient simulator designed to facilitate the training of residents and health care professionals in the areas of preterm airway management, resuscitation, stabilization, transport, and intensive care.


The unique challenge of preterm airway management.

Developed using the latest laser and 3D printing technology, Premie HAL presents participants with the most accurate airway anatomy available. High anatomical accuracy ensures participants can use standard airway intubation devices to develop technique and fine motor skills further.


Real-time CPR quality feedback and performance reports.

eCPR™ sensors inside Premie HAL capture ventilation and compression quality metrics in real time, allowing educators to identify and address gaps in performance with greater efficacy.

  • Compression depth, rate, and interruption duration
  • Ventilation rate and duration
  • Smart CPR voice coach
  • Performance report summary

Real mechanical ventilation. Real feedback.

Premie HAL® features compliant lungs that produce realistic PV waveforms on real mechanical ventilators and other respiratory equipment. This allows participants to follow guideline-recommended settings and algorithms while developing skills more directly transferable to real situations.


A complete solution. Includes UNI® Tablet PC and Simulation Learning Experiences™

Premie HAL includes the powerful UNI control interface and 5 outcome-focused scenarios accompanied with a printed guide for setting up, planning, and facilitating each learning experience.


Gaumard Vitals™ Virtual Patient Monitor

The optional Gaumard Vitals™ Patient Monitor simulates the functionality and look of a real patient monitor, allowing participants to practice data interpretation, documentation, and clinical decision-making skills.


Wireless and tetherless. Ready for transport, handoffs, and evac drill exercises.

Premie HAL is fully functional in-transit thanks to its extra-long battery life and proven wireless technology.


Product features



  • Gestational age: 30-week preterm neonate
  • Weight: 2.9 lb. (1.32 kg)
  • Length: 15.71 inches (39.9 cm)
  • Smooth and supple full-body skin
  • Tetherless and wireless; fully responsive during transport
  • Wireless control at distances up to 100 ft.
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides hours of tetherless operation
  • UNI® Tablet PC included
  • Includes 5 preprogrammed SLEs and Facilitator’s Guidebook


  • Crying synchronized with breathing


  • Lifelike and anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway
  • Supports oral and nasal endotracheal intubation using standard adjuncts
  • Supports esophageal tube insertion
  • Selectable upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing


  • Automatic, spontaneous breathing
  • Programmable respiratory rates and I:E ratios
  • Preprogrammed respiratory patterns and grunting
  • Selectable normal and abnormal lung sounds
  • Compliant lungs present visible chest rise following guideline recommended flow, PIP, and PEEP values
  • Supports standard positive pressure ventilation devices including bag-valve-mask, resuscitators, mechanical ventilators, CPAP, and more
  • Real-time PPV ventilation feedback via UNI control interface
  • Programmable unilateral chest rise simulates pneumothorax


  • Central cyanosis with variable discoloration
  • Includes comprehensive library of ECG rhythms with customizable beat variations
  • Supports ECG monitoring using real devices
  • Normal and abnormal heart sounds with adjustable rates
  • eCPR™ Real-time quality feedback and reporting
    • Time to CPR
    • Compression depth/rate
    • Compression interruptions
    • Ventilation rate
    • Excessive ventilation
    • Smart CPR voice coach
    • CPR performance report
  • Automatic and palpable pulses
    • Fontanelle
    • Brachial
    • Umbilicus
    • Femoral
  • Pulse strength is blood pressure dependent
  • Supports IV cannulation: bolus, infusion, and sampling
    • Dorsum of hand (bilateral)
    • Umbilical catheterization (UVC/UAC)
    • Dorsum of foot
  • Intraosseous access at right tibia supports continuous infusion
  • Temperature sensor placement detection
  • Supports virtual pacing and defibrillation via Gaumard Vitals™ Virtual Patient Monitor


  • Supports operation on-the-fly or by way of programmable scenarios
  • 3D Patient Visualization
  • Virtual patient monitor view
  • Scenario designer
  • Preprogrammed and editable scenario library
  • eCPR™ – CPR quality monitor and trainer
  • Hypoxia model
  • Lab report designer
  • Questionnaire form designer
  • Time-stamped event logging and provider actions tracking

Gaumard Vitals™ Patient Monitor (Option)

  • Customizable interface can mimic the look of various real patient monitor brands
  • 20+ Dynamic scalars and waveforms including HR, ABP, SpO2, RR, EtCO2, temperature, time, and more
  • Customizable alarms for vital sign parameter high/low threshold
  • Data histogram
  • Built-in virtual defibrillator and pacer
  • Wireless data communication

Package Contents

  • Premie HAL® S2209
  • UNI® Tablet PC
  • 5 Simulated Learning Experiences™
  • Facilitator's Guidebook
  • Battery charger
  • Replacement IV lower arms, IO inserts, umbilical cords
  • Post cord-detachment navel
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • 2, 3, 5 year warranty plans available

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