S114 - One Year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator

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  • Detailed decription
  • Fully articulating head and jaw with teeth and tongue
  • Individual disposable airways
  • Airway blocked when head is forward
  • Easily accessible chest cavity with molded ribcage, lungs, and heart
  • Realistic chest rise
  • Four arterial pulse points
  • Soft, lifelike faceskin with molded hair
  • Eyes open and close in realistic eyesockets for ophthal®mic purposes
  • One normal eye and one eye dilated
  • Practice regular or Vest CPR
  • Exercise suit
  • Custom nylon carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Intraosseous access in tibia 
  • Venous sites
  • Monitor and log compressions and ventilations with included Omni Code Blue pack. Connect Omni to any computer, OR view feedback in your Omni screen for maximum mobility