Rotary Evaporator Hei-VAP Value - hand lift model with coated G5 dry ice condenser

Rotační vakuová odparka Heidolph - Hei-VAP Value G5 P+G
Brand, Manufacturer:Heidolph
Description:Economic line Hei-VAP Value
Heating Bath:4.5 l
Lift System:Manual
Glass Assembly:Vertical (V)
Quantitative unit:ks
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The Hei-VAP Value rotary evaporators with hand lift are optimally suited for all standard applications.
  • The convenience of large dial controls for adjustment of rotation speed and bath temperature
  • Adjust the required angle of the evaporating flask individually according to your needs
  • Limit the height of your evaporating flask in just seconds
  • The patented flask clamp Easy-Clip allows a simple and safe removing of the evaporating flask due to the force of unscrewing the Easy-Clip
  • For your protection, the detachable operating panel is located below the bath and outside the danger zone. To conveniently run your unit from outside a fume hood, detach your panel and place it in your preferred location
  • Hei-VAP Value hand lift model with transparent plastic coated G5 dry ice condenser

Intelligent evaporation with Heidolph rotary evaporators: overheat protection design that prevents water baths running dry, provides a detachable panel for superior ease of use from outside closed fume hoods and offers a proven vacuum seal and vapor tube system guaranteed for years of operation!

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