Rotary Evaporator Hei-VAP Advantage - motor lift model with G1 diagonal glassware

Rotační vakuová odparka Heidolph - Hei-VAP Advantage G1 HM
Brand, Manufacturer:Heidolph
Description:Line Hei-VAP Advantage
Heating Bath:4.5 l
Lift System:Motor
Glass Assembly:Diagonal (D)
Quantitative unit:ks
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With the Hei-VAP Advantage you have a direct view on all parameter settings and are able to expand your application range.
  • Experience the advantages of our large digital 3.5" LCD display which indicates rotation speed, heating bath and vapor temperature
  • Experience the advantages of the automatic process timer which turns off your evaporator at a preprogrammed time and removes evaporating flasks from bath
  • Large digital LCD display which allows you to monitor all parameters even from a distance
  • Convenient motor lift adjusts height by the press of a button
  • Hei-VAP Advantage motor lift model with G1 diagonal glassware
  • Hei-VAP Advantage models can be upgraded to a Hei-VAP Precision with the optional Upgrade-KIT Advantage Precision

Intelligent evaporation with Heidolph rotary evaporators: overheat protection design that prevents water baths running dry, provides a detachable panel for superior ease of use from outside closed fume hoods and offers a proven vacuum seal and vapor tube system guaranteed for years of operation!

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