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RealCare II-plus Control Center software + X Stick
Types of simulators:Simulátory novorozenců
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Easy-to-use Control Center software puts you in control of each simulation from start to finish. Program up to 100 Babies at once, monitor the progress of individual simulations, check the battery status of each RealCare® Baby II-plus, and more. The Communication Pod works with your personal computer using wireless technology, giving you high visibility and monitoring before, during and after the simulation. Baby and computer are in continuous communication while in range of each other.

Communication Pod

  • Communicates with Babies within range of 50 feet (15 m)
  • Sleek, compact desktop design
  • Connects to your computer with USB cable (included)
  • No interference with other wireless technology

Control Center Software

  • Program multiple Babies at once
  • Select individual levels of difficulty for each Baby or program all Babies the same
  • Shows simulation level of all Babies at a glance
  • Shows detailed battery charge status of all Babies
  • Summarizes start time, stop time and quiet times
  • Automatically retrieves data from Babies at end of simulation
  • Calculates grades automatically with user-defined rubric
  • Creates detailed simulation reports that can be printed
  • Allows you to create and print birth certificates for each Baby
  • Easy-to-use help menus
  • Site licensed