QS 8/11 - Artificial skull of adult human

QS 8/11 - Umělá lebka dospělého člověka
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Showes Vessels and nerves.

Model has 10 parts:

  • 1. Skull with color marked vessels and blood supply to the dura mater
  • 2. Skull base, separated middle slide on 2 parts
  • 3. Detachable nasal septum. Showes ethmoid sinusits and nasal mussels
  • 4. Frontal sinus is openable.
  • 5. Maxillary sinus is openable
  • 6. Right temporal bone id remountable and openable. Showes bony labyrinth, semicircular canals, eardrum and auditory ossicular chains. On the right temporal bone is showed mastoidectomy.
  • 7. Remountable lower jaw and teeth roots. Completly set of teeth.

Lenght: 18 cm, width: 13,1 cm, thickness: 50,4 cm, weight: 1 kg