Professional Complete

Professional Complete
Demonstrační panel pro pokusy
Solární panel, elktrolyzér, palivový článek dvojitý...
Subject:Fuel cells and "H" technology
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription

Key data:

  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Demonstration kit for lectures.
  • Popular with teachers and professors


  • IV characteristics of solar panels
  • Dependency of photocurrent on distance from and angle of the light source.
  • Characteristics of the electrolyzer
  • Water = 2 parts hydrogen + 1 part oxygen
  • Efficiency of the electrolyzer
  • Parallel and serial connection of fuel cells
  • Efficiency of fuel cells
  • More than 20 experiments for physics or chemistry lessons


  • Electrolyzer
  • Double Fuel Cell
  • Solar Panel
  • Load Module
  • Instruction Material with Teacher's Guide
  • Measuring Unit
  • Demo Package


  • 5502.314 Lamp