Prestan Professional 2000 - Professional Adult Series 2000 Manikin - 4 pack

Prestan Professional 2000 - KPR figurína dospělého člověka s KPR monitorem a Bluetooth připojením - balení 4 ks
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The same high quality, realistic Professional Adult Manikin is now available with Advanced Feedback including Rate, Depth, Recoil, Ventilation and Hands-Off Time via a Bluetooth® enabled PRESTAN CPR Feedback app available on both Apple and Android devices.

Fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada's February 2021 Use of Feedback Devices in Resuscitation Training Courses Policy and the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.

Providing high quality, real time, advanced CPR feedback via a Bluetooth® connection with the PRESTAN Professional Adult Series 2000 Manikin. Advanced CPR feedback (includes rate, depth, recoil, ventilation, and hands-off time) is monitored, easily displayed and available for reporting allowing students to self-monitor performance and gain confidence during CPR training.

The app allows instructors to provide comprehensive CPR training while monitoring CPR performance for up to six (6) students at a time. This app is also equipped with a reporting feature that allows for CPR training results to be downloaded directly from the app.




  • 4 Manikins
  • 4 CPR Monitors (2 AA batteries included)
  • 50 lung bags 2000 Series
  • Manual
  • 1 carry case for 4 manikin