PP02300 - Adam Training Manikins with Electronics and Carrying Bag

PP02300 - Resuscitační figurína Adam s elektronikou a přenosným vakem
Construction:Adult torso
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Rugged and easy to use, these manikins give instructors a highly effective asset to their programs and provide students with a
thorough CPR training experience. They come with 10 low-cost, disposable airway systems and individual mouth/nosepieces,
which can be sanitized for reuse. Lifelike, anatomical landmarks (carotid pulse, sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch) and
the realistic resistance to chest compression help students learn with accuracy and perfect their lifesaving
skills. Lightweight and portable. Comes in a carrying bag with built-in kneeling pads. Choose either Adam
(White) or David (Black). Order “with electronics” and receive an exterior console box that indicates proper
hand position, adequate chest compressions, and adequate air volume. Three-year warranty.

Sh. wt. 24 lbs. (10.89 kg).

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