PP01602 - Adult Choking Manikin

PP01602 - Figurína dospělého pro nácvik odstraňování cizích předmětů z dýchacích cest
Dealing with crisis situations - filter:Breathing
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Choking emergencies are not selective when it comes to agegroups, so Simulaids brings you three generations of chokermodels from which to choose. The full body infant comes withone foreign object to simulate choking, while the other manikinsinclude two objects. Each manikin functions on the principleof clearing a blocked airway with forced air generated with theproper procedure — abdominal thrusts or back blows. Oncethe object is lodged in the airway, the student must use theanatomical landmarks to decide where to place their handsand to decide how much pressure is required to accomplishthe maneuver. With the appropriate force applied, the students are rewarded with the visual confirmation of an expelledobject. Manikins include rib cage, xiphoid process, suprasternal notch to provide anatomical reference, foreign body for airway obstruction, shirt, and soft carrying bag. Clothing and bag are fabric U.S.A.Size: 31" x 18" x 10" (79 x 46 x 25 cm). Sh. wt. 16 lbs. (7.26 kg).

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