Advanced miniDNA (22 layer)

Pokročilý model miniDNA (22 vrstev)
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This right handed double helix self assembly molecular model kit with 22 (2 turns) base pairs can be used to model DNA REPLICATION and complementary base pairing. The DNA molecular model kit contains color coded parts to represent the nitrogenous bases, pentose sugars and phosphate components that make up DNA.

Special features of the miniDNA molecular model:

  • Connected by 2 and 3 Hydrogen bonds for Thymine/Adenine & Cytosine/Guanine respectively
  • Clearly demonstrating the major and minor grooves 
  • Differently sized pyrimidines to purines


  • 11× Thymine (orange)
  • 11× Adenine (blue)
  • 11× Guanine (green)
  • 11× Cytosine (yellow)
  • 44× Deoxyribose (red)
  • 44× Phosphate (purple)

Demonstrate the structure of the DNA double helix with this color coded molecular model kit. The Advanced miniDNA molecular model kit is delivered with instructions and stand.