PM 200 - Planetary Ball Mill

PM 200 - Mlýn kulový planetový
Description:Převodový poměr 1:-2
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  • extreme speeds for particularly high fineness down to submicron range
  • 2 grinding stations
  • grinding jars with volumes from 12 ml to 125 ml, in 6 materials
  • suitable for long-term trials and continuous use
  • reproducible results due to energy and speed control
  • direction reversal
  • programmable starting time
  • power failure backup ensures storage of remaining grinding time
  • 1-button operation with graphic display
  • 10 combinations of grinding parameters can be stored
  • measurement of input energy helps to optimize grinding parameters
  • automatic grinding chamber ventilation for cooling the grinding jars
  • 2-year warranty, CE-conforming