PG 8593 WW AD - Laboratory dishwasher Miele

PG 8593 WW AD - Automat mycí a dezinfekční Miele
Laboratory dishwasher with liquid dispensing & hot air drying DryPlus.
AD watter pump:NO
Quantitative unit:ks
Order code:
  • Detailed decription
  • Perf./cycle, e.g. 128 laboratory flasks
  • Efficient use of resources - variable speed heater pump
  • Safety through monitoring - wash pressure and spray arm monitoring
  • Efficient hot air drying - DryPlus
  • Total security - link to process documentation possible

Product details - PG 8593 [WW AD]

Construction type and version 
Construction type Freestanding, can be built-under, 60 cm wide
Outer casing Stainless steel
Can be built-under
AutoClose – Automatic door lock
Buzzer, acoustic signal at end of programme
Service-friendly design
Suitable for laboratories
Laboratory flasks per cycle [number] 128
Pipettes per cycle [number] 98
Performance data 
Circulation pump Qmax in l/min. 500
Maximum final rinse temperature in °C 93
Wash cabinet usable capacity in l 145
Tested operating hours 15,000
Control system TouchControl
Programme selection Touch on metal
Short-cut buttons
Max. delay start in h 24
Programmability programmable
Programmes [number] 16
Free programme positions [number] 2
A0 value controls
Programme recontinuation in event of power outage
Time left display
Programme sequence indicator
Selectable display languages
Standard electrical connection 
Electrical connection AC 230V 50HZ
Heater rating in kW 5.5
Total connected load in kW 6.3
Fuse rating in A 30-32
Length of mains cable in m 1.90
Possible voltage variant 1 
Electrical connection 3N AC 400V 50HZ
Total connected load in kW 9.30
Fuse rating in A 15-16
Possible voltage variant 2 
Electrical connection AC 230V 50HZ
Total connected load in kW 3.30
Fuse rating in A 15-16
Water connection/drainage 
Cold water [number] 1
Cold water for steam condenser [number] 1
Hot water [number] 1
DI water [number] 1
Required flow pressure in kPa 200-1.000
Maximum delivery head for drain pump in cm 100
Integrated water softener
Maximum water hardness (cold water/hot water) in mmol/l 10,700
Drain pump [DN] 22
Water protection system Waterproof system
Drying unit 
Integrated drying unit
Fan in kW 0.3
Heater element in kW 2.2
Total connected load in kW 2.5
Air throughput in m³/h 60
HEPA filter class H13
Filtration efficiency HEPA filter (in accordance with DIN EN 1822) in % 99,950
HEPA filter service life in h 200
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, height in mm 835
External dimensions, width in mm 600
External dimensions, depth in mm 600
Wash cabinet, usable height in mm 520
Wash cabinet, usable width in mm 530
Wash cabinet, depth of lower basket in mm 520
Wash cabinet, depth of upper basket in mm 474
Net weight in kg 78
Emissions data 
Emissions – sound pressure at workplace <70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Special 93 °C–10'
Injector Plus
Oil programme
1 dispenser pump for liquid cleaning agent
Volumetric dispensing control
Steam condenser
Spray pressure monitoring
Spray arm monitoring
Interface for cycle documentation (optional)
Multi-component filter system
Variable speed heater pump2/3
Load carriers – direct connection
In-door salt container
Customer service optical interface
Wash cabinet seamlessly welded using laser technology
Heater elements outside wash cabinet
Wash cabinet made from high-quality stainless steel (1.4301/304)
A wide range of accessories (optional)
Connection options 
Serial interface RS 232 (optional)
WLAN via DataDiary (optional)
Ethernet interface (optional)
External dispenser modules
Norms, test certificates and symbols 
VDE (electrical safety)
IP safety class according to EN 60529: IP 21
EN 61010-1
EN 61010-2-040
RoHS guideline 2011/65/EU
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC