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An exciting game that uses both language and colour. In a playful way, it promotes language development, articulation, assigning colors, attention, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and last but not least, tolerating frustration. Basic idea of the game: Each player gets a game board and must arrange the coloured balls that were previously placed in the parrot eggs into the same coloured holes on the game board. Can be played according to different rules depending on the age of the players. Length of the game: between 5-25 minutes depending on the game variation.

Contents: 4 cards (18 x 18 cm), 28 two park plastic eggs in yellow/red, 24 wooden balls in 8 colours (2 cm in diameter), 1 set of instructions.

Players: 2-4.

Age: 3+


This game supports

  • fine motor skills
  • eye-hand-coordination
  • understanding of colours
  • oral skills