P56 - Intramuscular Injection Simulator – Upper Leg

P56 - Simulátor pro nácvik intramuskulární injekce – Stehno
P56 - Simulátor pro nácvik intramuskulární injekce – StehnoP56 - Simulátor pro nácvik intramuskulární injekce – Stehno
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This high-quality simulation of a right upper leg realistically displays all of the important anatomical, palpable landmarks such as patella and greater trochanter for very realistic practice of correct intramuscular injections.

The built-in fine electronics produce audio-visual feedback of the result, e.g. correct or incorrect injection, bone contact, or false localization. Additional training and control modes optionally provide an immediate or subsequent performance check under training conditions.

The included lifelike silicone skin is extremely durable and can be exchanged quickly and easily when necessary.

The intramuscular simulator is supplied with:

  • Two AA batteries
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • 5 ml injection syringe
  • 21 gauge (0.8 x 50mm) injection cannula

I.M. injection can be taught realistically without practice on a real patient!