OPTIGEM-1 - Gemological stereomicroscope

OPTIGEM-1 - Gemologický stereomikroskop
Binocular, tilting stand, upper and lower LED illumination
Microscopes types:Stereomicroscopes
Number of eyepieces:Binocular
Number of lenses:1
Zoom of lenses:0,7× ... 4,5×
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  • Detailed decription
  • Gemological stereomicroscope
  • Zoom 0,7× - 4,5×
  • WF 10× high-point eyepiece. Adjustable interpupillary distance.
  • Coaxial focusing system
  • Stage with 3 attachment points for gemmology clips.
  • The microscope can be inclined through full 90° from vertical to horizontal.
  • Illumination - intensity controlled bright field, dark field and flexible arm, all sunlight-matched.