Picture Cards “At home“

Obrázkové kartičky „Doma“
Obrázkové kartičky „Doma“ Obrázkové kartičky „Doma“ Obrázkové kartičky „Doma“
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What belongs where? The box contains large scene picture cards for the following topics: living room, bedroom, den, dining room, household/washing, bath/personal hygiene, kitchen/cooking/baking. For these, there are little cards with the respective objects, furniture, activities and processes, which can be seen on the large picture cards. The children recognize and name what they see and assign the cards according to topic and/or sort them chronologically. There are different allocation options: scene – objects/furniture, scene – activities, activities – objects. In doing so, the children expand their vocabulary, are encouraged to talk about their everyday life and their home. Everything is stored in a practical sorting box with drawers. Each compartment has a picture, so it is easy to see from the outside which topic it contains.

Contents: 15 large picture cards, (18 x 18 cm) 245 small cards (9 x 9 cm), 1 set of instructions.

Dimensions: box w 40 x h 17 x d 20 cm, picture cards 18 x 18 cm, small cards 9 x 9 cm.

Material: sturdy cardboard.

Age: 3+


This game supports

  • concentration
  • close observation
  • opportunities of talk
  • combinatory skills
  • word pool