NS 15 - Muscles of the Arm with Shoulder Girdle

NS 15 - Svaly paže a pletenec ramenní
Limbs and joints:Končetiny
Quantitative unit:ks
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Natural size, made in SOMSO-Plast®. Showing the network of blood vessels and nerves in the right arm. The following muscles are removable: deltoid muscle, lateral head of the triceps muscle of the arm, short and long extensor muscle of the radial wrist with brachioradial muscle, round pronator muscle - flexor muscle of the radial wrist - long palmar muscle, superficial flexor muscle of the fingers. Altogether in 6 parts. Standing upright and revolving on a stand with green base.

Height: 105 cm., width: 39 cm., depth: 26 cm., weight: 4.6 kg.