N820FT.18 - Vývěva membránová jednokomorová, pro agresivní látky
Pumping rate [l/min]:20
Treshold pressure [kPa]:10
Overpressure [kPa]:100
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  • Modern membrane air-pumps for general use
  • Resistance to agressive gases, vapours, lyes and solvent organic
  • Silent run
  • Compact design with integrated handle
  • All parts beeing in contact with the drawn medium, made of Teflon
  • KN type - neoprene diaphragm
  • KT type - teflon layer diaphragm (to increase chemical resistance)
  • Power feed 230 V
  • No oil included
  • Suitable for agressive substances