MW63 - Pressure Sores Simulator

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  • Detailed decription
MW63 Pressure Sores Simulator is a decubitus care skills trainer for the new era. Its detailed representation allows for a wide range of training scenarios, including sore assessment , ultrasound assessment of deep tissue injury, and necrotic tissue removal.
  • Assessment of Pressure Sores
  • Assessment of deep tissue by ultrasound
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers / Cleansing /Dressing
  • Realistic reproduction of human tissue allows for accurate training environment
Training skills / Applications
  • assessment
  • palpation
  • ultrasound assessment of sciatic area
  • cleaning
  • dressing
  • application of topical medication
  • NPWT
  • debridement of necrotic tissue
Case / Pathology
  • sacral pressure sore (4 types)
  • greater trochanter pressure sore
  • sciatic pressure sore (3 types including deep tissue injury)
Set includes
  • 1 lower body torso
  • 4 types of sacral oressure sore pads (stage II, stage III, stage IV with granulation and stage IV with pockets)
  • 1 sciatic pressures sore pad
  • 2 types of echo pads
  • 1 necrotic tissue removal set
  • 1 consumable set (simulated pus, blood, exudate and necrotic tissue)
  • 1 storage case
  • 1 instruction manual