MW40 - Obstetric Training Simulator - complete set

Porodní simulátor - kompletní sada
Obstetrics, gynecology - filter:Birthing simulators
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Comprehensive training set with the platform of the maternal body for skills training in pelvic vaginal examination during labor and delivery assistance.



For all training skills

Genital area made of innovative material that excels in elasticity and durability, and offers repetitive training opportunity.


Delivery assistance

Anatomically correct vaginal canal, ischial spines, pubic symphysis and coccyx that facilitate training with anatomical understanding.

Elastic external genitalia, realistic shape of vaginal canal and the holding handle for maternal body facilitate simulating a smooth delivery.


Cervical examination

Interchangeable five stages of cervical dilation module can be installed with a single action. Descent of fetal head can also be set.

Anatomically correct landmarks including the ischial spine and the pubic symphysis.

Anterior fontanelle can be touched to determine the fetal position.


Perineorrhaphy (perineal repair)

Repetitive suture training for the first-degree perineal tears.


Training skills

Cervical examination

  • Cervical examination
    • Determination of station using landmarks of the ischial spine and the pubic joint to assess the descent of the body
    • Assessment of cervical dilation
  • Speculum examination
  • Procedures of observation and cervical cytology
  • Procedures of urinary catheterization

Delivery assistance

  • Delivery assistance for different delivery positions /dorsal, all-fours)
  • Perineal protection
  • Delivery of fetus (forceps delivery, vacuum extraction)
  • Clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord
  • Delivery of the placenta
  • Insertion of a urinary catheter

Perineorrhaphy (perineal repair)

  • Single interrupted suture
  • Vertical mattress suture

Set includes

Common Components

  • 1 maternal body
  • 1 genitalia unit (for pelvic examination and delivery assistance)
  • 1 talcum powder
  • 3 lubricant (150 ml)

Parts for pelvic examination

  • 1 vagina unit
  • 1 set of cervical dilation inserts (5 variations)
  • 1 holder for the cervical dilation inserts

Parts for Delivery Assistance

  • 1 fetus
  • 1 placenta
  • 3 umbilical cords for omphalotomy
  • 1 tray
  • 5 velamen sheets

Parts for Perineorrhaphy

  • 1 genitalia unit