MW35 - Cervical Assessment Simulator

Simulátor pro vyšetření děložního hrdla
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External genitalia made of the new material. Anatomically correct vaginal canal provides true-to-life hands-on training.


Elasticity and durability for repititive training

Both realistic sense of examination and repititive training are able with the genitalia made of the new material.


Acurate landmarks

Landmarks including ischial spines and pubic symphysis are nesessary to determine fetal station. Also they help to connect understanding of anatomy to the procedure.


User friendly and easy settings

Descent of the fetus and cervical dilation can be set by simple steps during training sessions.


Cervical examination

  • Determination of bishop score(cervix score) using landmarks of the ischial spines and the pubic symphysis
  • Assessment of cervical dilation
  • Procedures of urinary catheterization
  • Procedures cervical cytology

Speculum examination



  • Life-size pregnant abdomen and pelvic area
  • Materials: Soft resin, hard plastic
  • Manikin size: W74×D44×33.5cm
  • Weight: 10.3kg

Set Includes

  • 1 maternal body
  • 1 genitalia unit
  • 1 vagina unit
  • 1 set of cervical dilation inserts (5 variations)
  • 1 holder for the cervical dilation inserts
  • 3 lubricant (150ml)
  • 1 talcum powder
  • 1 instruction manual