MW32 - NCPR Simulator

Simulátor pro nácvik KPR novorozence
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Basic life support - filter:Child manikin
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NCPR Simulator is full term newborn manikin that facilitates training of basic skills in neonatal care. The simulator is also suitable for a NCPR training course.



  • Full body newborn manikin with ribs, bronchi, lungs, esophagus and umbilical cord
  • Airway management training with confirmation of bilateral/unilateral ventilation
  • Soft and realistic umbilical cord with 3 vessels for an array of skills including venous and arterial line placement as well as blood sample collection
  • Feeding tube insertion and confirmation of the tube placement
  • Chest compression

Training Skills

Basic neonatal care

  • Changing body position, hygiene
  • Palpation of the anterior fontanelle
  • Clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord
  • Umbilical catheterization and care
  • Tube feeding (nasal and oral) - tube placement can be confirmed by auscultation
  • Suction (nasal, oral)
  • *The product is not designed for bathing with real water


  • Chest compression
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • BVM ventilation


  • Life-size four week old newborn
  • Manikin Size: 50 cm
  • Manikin Weight: 2 kg
  • Materials: Soft resin

Set includes

  • 1 newborn manikin
  • 1 lubricant

Replacement parts (not included in the set):

  • 1 mask
  • 1 chest skin
  • 4 umbilical cords
  • 1 lubricant