MW24 - 3D Colonoscope Training Simulator NKS

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  • Detailed decription


  • Transparent skeleton body allows direct observation of the position of the tip of the scope as well as form of the colon.
  • Stable rectal anatomy: the simulator is designed to acquire colonoscopy skills that use three Houston’s valve as landmarks, which appear at the same position every time.
  • The sigmoid colon can be pre-set to take up any one of the three most common morphologies, which are deprived from analysis of CTC. The patterns can be changed quickly by sliding attachments and moving the colon tube.
  • The simulator is entirely water-resistant and can be cleaned easily by water.
  • Light weight and compact, facilitating handling and transportation


  • Colonoscope insertion in three fundamental patterns:
    • Short alpha loop (pull back technique)
    • Long alpha loop (push forward technique)
    • N loop (pull back/push forward technique)
  • Colonoscope insertion in three patient positions:
    • Left lateral
    • Right lateral
    • Spine
  • Manual abdominal compression