MBB-18 - Laminar box biohazard

MBB-18 - Box laminární biohazard
Inner dimensions (w × d × h) [mm]:1854 × 580 × 690
Ext. dimensions (w×d×h):1850 × 770 × 1400
Quantitative unit:ks
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Microbiological safety cabinet (MSC, BSC), class II. according to the standard EN 12469: 2000, it is intended for applications requiring laminar air flow to protect the product from particulate and bacterial contamination and at the same time requiring protection of the operator and the environment from the influence of the processed product. The MBB workstation is a new generation device, equipped with the latest components, security elements and a SMART control system.
  • Fully automated operation controlled by a smart control system CR2000 with a 7 "touch panel, ensuring optimal parameters in the workspace for the selected operating mode, maximum security, remote control, advanced timers, accessory control, email and mobile phone notifications, and much more
  • Front glass with electric movement with automatic positioning and advantage protection against injury and damage
  • Ergonomic design, large workspace
  • Quiet operation thanks to perfect design, good sound insulation, powerful motor with low noise. The operator can therefore concentrate on working for a longer period of time
  • Low vibration is achieved by choosing low vibration components, anti-vibration components and special, flexible, fasteners and hinges. Thanks to this, the workstation is also suitable for vibration-sensitive operations, such as working with a microscope, weighing, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of main critical parameters such a filter clogging, laminar airflow rate in the working space and air flow at the outlet of the MSC, temperature, etc.
  • Early warning system for filter replacement, qualification, service, validation, etc.
  • Hour meter for UV-C lamp, filters, fan
  • Audit trail registration of setting changes, alarms and other information
  • Temperature sensor in the working space