MB 180 - Laminar box biohazard

Laminární box série MB biohazard - ilustrační foto
Inner dimensions (w × d × h) [mm]:1 830 × 540 × 620 [mm]
Ext. dimensions (w×d×h):1 850 × 760 × 1 400 [mm]
Quantitative unit:ks
Order code:
  • Detailed decription
  • Microbiological safety box
  • The cabinet is aimed for applications requiring laminar air flow to protect the product against particle and bacterial contamination and, simultaneously, requiring the personnel protection and protection of the environs against the influence of the product being processed.
  • Fully automated operation controlled by microprocessor unit which ensures for optimal parameters of air flow within work chamber
  • Display of operation time of UV irradiator and filter.
  • Indication of operating hours of germicidal emitters and filters and the number of days in the calibration.
  • Program supporting MSC decontamination by formaldehyde vapors.