M164-1 Sakamoto Auskultation Simulator

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1. Learning through practice with a sense of reality

  • Sternum and soft touch of the skin
    Seven built-in speakers (volume adjustable) p rovide true-to-life experience of h earing cardiac and breath s ounds of a ctual patients by applying a stethoscope.

2. Realistic auscultatory sounds

  • Reproduction of complicated cases is possible by combinations o f 20 cases of cardiac sounds and 12 cases of breath sounds.
    A tablet PC can be used to realistically check differences in ascultation sounds for each case. Practical clinical training with areal s ense of p resence which is ideal for learning a scultation techniques. H eart sounds and breathing sounds can be p layedback via a tablet PC as well as directly from the body

3. Adjustable to details

  • The heart rate and respiratory rate are adjustable.
    The volume of cardiac and breath sounds is adjustable in each r egion (cardiac and pulmonary regions) or all regions.