LPBP-40-L - LumbarPunctureBaby System Training Package - Light Tone

LPBP-40-L - LumbarPunctureBaby System Training Package - Light Tone

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Simulab's LumbarPunctureBaby System Training Package simulates a two-week-old infant that can be positioned either in the lateral decubitus position or held upright in the sitting position. The body form is anatomically correct with an iliac crest and umbilicus. The replaceable tissue has L3 – L5 vertebrae with a partial and gluteal fold. 


  • LumbarPunctureBaby Body Form
  • Two Replaceable Tissues
  • Molded Body Form Tray
  • Carrying Case
  • Simulated IV Bag
  • Table Top IV Pole
  • Bottle of Red Concentrate


  • Anatomically correct two-week old infant with flexible body form
  • Ultrasound compatible
  • Visible and palpable landmarks include umbilicus, gluteal fold, iliac crest and vertebrae
  • Insertion sites include L3-L4 and L4-L5
  • The flexible body adds realism when flexing the infant, simulating moving the interspinous process from a neutral to open position
  • Accurate needle placement allows for positive response and collection of simulated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Simulated epidural venous plexus and bony spinous process provides the user with feedback for improper needle placement
  • IV Bag provides control of the drip rate at the procedure site


  • Use of the lateral decubitus and sitting positions for pediatric lumbar puncture
  • Palpate external landmarks
  • Proper technique for lumbar puncture (spinal tap) procedure
Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter
Puncture, anesthesia, injections
Quantitative unit
LPBP-40-L - Nácvikový balíček pediatrického trenažéru lumbální punkce LumbarPunctureBaby

LPBP-40-L - LumbarPunctureBaby System Training Package - Light Tone