Loopster basic, rotator

Loopster basic, rotátor
Device type:Test tube shaker
Maximum speed:20 rpm
Rotational Speed:fixed 20
Shaking motion:Rotational
Maximum load:2 kg
Quantitative unit:ks
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Rotator for smooth but effective mixing with a fixed speed. Ideal for biological samples, particularly blood samples. Suitable for separating and mixing processes of powdered and liquid samples in Eppendorf tubes and Greiner tubes up to 50 ml. The easy removable attachments allow simple and quick cleaning of the unit of spilled samples.
  • Freely adjustable rotary angle
  • Different attachments allow a variety of applications
  • Usable at 4 to 50 °C in incubators
  • Easy operation by foil keypad
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • 20 rpm (fixed)