LMH 04/12 - Laboratory muffle furnace with regulator Ht40AL

LMH 04/12 - Laboratory muffle furnace with regulator Ht40AL

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Furnaces are used in laboratories for heat-treatment testing of various samples, when the agresive fouling, which would pelt with the spirals, can be formed.

Description of the construction of the furnace:

  • frameless conctruction created by the hooped rustless metal plate
  • portal of the door of the fireproof adapting pieces
  • in the peep-hole of the door the protective blue glass
  • door of the hooped rustless metal plate tank shaped
  • thrust is extrapolated by the ductile springs
  • muffle insulated by the sedge of the mineral grain and cased by the insulation desks
  • door fulfilmed by the insulation desk
  • heating spiral winding-up on the muffle
  • door equiped by the security limit switch
  • feeder cables procurated by the uniphase bolts
  • furnace equiped by the cooling fan
  • controller HT40 enables controlling to standard value
  • thermocouple of the type S, placed on the back side

Standard equipment of the furnace covers:

  • controller HT40
  • manualy door opening up

Like an accessories as an extra we are bidding:

  • controller INDUSTRY
  • rotary table
  • interface R 232/485
  • exhaust fan
  • software for the monitoring and the record of the temperature cycle
  • protective atmospher supply
Volume [l]
Inner dimensions (w × h × d) [mm]
170 × 90 × 275
Input power [kW]
Quantitative unit
Muflová laboratorní pec LAC série LMH - (LMH 07_12)

LMH 04/12 - Laboratory muffle furnace with regulator Ht40AL

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