LifeSpace Foldaway Medical Education Environments

LifeSpace – Simulované prostředí sanitky
LifeSpace – Simulované prostředí sanitkyLifeSpace – Simulované prostředí sanitky
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High impact, practical and cost-effective teaching spaces.

Providing amazing flexibility, easy deployment and storage, MDTs LifeSpace Foldaway Medical Education Environments enable educators to create clinical spaces that enhance realism during medical simulation training.

MDT offers a generic ambulance design along with bespoke systems that replicate individual coach-built ambulance designs (inside and out) or critical care department areas. LifeSpace provides a cost effective and effective simulated clinical space solution.

LifeSpace Features

  • Bespoke graphic design to internal and external surfaces
  • Constructed from 10 durable panels complete with castors for easy movement
  • Each panel is 2m high by 1m wide, producing an internal space of 3m x 2m
  • Suitable for Ambulance or a variety of Clinical area spaces

LifeSpace example internal graphics

LifeSpace example internal graphics.