LF04022 - Advanced Keri Manikin

LF04022 - Zdokonalená figurína Keri
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The KERi™ Nursing Skills Manikin is not age-specific. Life/form® molding and modeling techniques have given KERi™ an unusually realistic appearance as a woman, or as a man when the wig is removed and attachment of male genitals converts it for male catheterization and prostate exam simulations. Unique visual features reinforce the importance of inspecting patients and noting changes in their appearance. All joints provide maximum lifelike range of motion not found in any other manikin. Life/form® simulations have been included in KERi™ to allow the practice of more than 35 patient care procedures. Perfect manikin for all OBRA required training.

The Advanced KERi™ Manikin provides the functions of the Complete KERi™ manikin with the addition of a right IV Training Arm (LF04080U) and a left Blood Pressure Training Arm (LF04079U). The Life/form® IV Arm features replaceable skins and latex veins that actually roll when palpated. A realistic flashback confirms proper needle placement, and the shoulder can be used for intramuscular injection training. The Life/form® Blood Pressure Arm reproduces the five Korotkoff sounds and allows the instructor to vary systolic and diastolic levels, pulse rate, volume, and auscultatory gap. Includes all four arms.

Available Supplies

  • LF01127 - Foley Catheter
  • LF01128 - Foley Catheter (Pkg. of 10)
  • LF04101 - IV Arm
  • LF04102 - Blood Pressure Arm
  • LF04081 - IV Skin & Vein Replecement Kit
  • SB20146 - Speaker System for Blood Pressure Arm
  • LF03466 - Soft Manikin Case
  • LF03465 - Hard-Sided Manikin Case