leXsolar-Wind Professional

Subject:Wind and hydropower
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Wind energy currently covers the highest proportion of renewable energy production. Especially, based on the really fast build-up of new wind power plants, the demand for highly qualified staff is at a very high level. leXsolar-Wind Professional offers you practical oriented experiments for technical training while including interesting basic experiments at the same time. The fields of applications are many and varied: from vocational school to college level.


  • Dependency of the distance on wind speed
  • Comparison of the start-up speed of Savoniusand three-bladed rotors
  • Analysis of the generator voltage variation after connecting a consumer
  • Analysis of the wind speed behind the rotor
  • Energy balance of a wind power plant
  • Comparison of Savonius and three-bladed rotors
  • Comparison of two-, three-, four-bladed rotors
  • Influence of the wind direction
  • Influence of the blade pitch
  • Influence of the blade shape
  • I-V-characteristics and rotational speed of wind power plants
  • Rotational speed and power dependent on the wind speed
  • Rotational speed and power dependent on the blade pitch
  • Rotational speed and power dependent on the blade shape
  • Rotational speed and power dependent on the number of blades
  • Start-up speed dependent on the blade pitch
  • Calculation of the efficiency of a wind power plant


  • 1400-13 leXsolar-base unit Professional
  • 1400-17 leXsolar-wind machine module Pro
  • 1118-03 leXsolar-wind generator module Pro
  • 1118-14 leXsolar-Savonius rotor module Pro
  • 1118-04 leXsolar-potentiometer module Pro
  • 1118-02 leXsolar-motor module Pro
  • 2× 1800-01 Resistor module (triple) Pro
  • 1800-06 Resistor plug element 33 Ohm
  • 3× 1800-04 Resistor plug element 100 Ohm
  • 2× 1800-05 Resistor plug element 10 Ohm
  • 2105-00 Power supply
  • 1400-02 Anemometer module
  • 1400-12 leXsolar-blade set
  • 2× L2-06-011 Digital multimeter
  • L3-03-081 leXsolar DVD Professional
  • L2-06-062 R.p.m. counter
  • L2-04-066 Safety test lead, red, 25 cm
  • L2-04-067 Safety lest lead, black, 25 cm
  • L2-04-059 Safety test lead, red, 50 cm
  • L2-04-060 Safety test lead, black, 50 cm
  • 3× L2-05-068 Safety short-circuit plug, with middle socket
  • L3-01-073 Aluminum case Wind-Professional with foam inserts

Age: from 16 years