leXsolar-PV Basic (Set of 12 psc)

leXsolar - 1130 - PV Basic
Renewable resources and greenhouse effect:Renewable energy resources
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  • Detailed decription
  • What is a solar cell and what is a solar panel?
  • What can be powered with a solar cell?
  • How should you align the solar cell to the sun?
These questions and many more can be answered using leXsolar-PV Basic. All experiments are designed in a qualitative way and are specifically adapted for young students in Elementary School as well as Junior High School. 

Note: For using this product you additionally need the leXsolar-Minikit Basic in primary school and the leXsolar-Kit Basic in Junior High School, each of which contains all necessary accessories.



  • The solar cell as energy source
  • The solar cell powers the motor
  • The solar cell powers the buzzer
  • Difference between solar cells and solar panels
  • The larger the solar cell, the....?
  • Orientation of the solar cell
  • How much light does a solar cell need?
  • Shading effect of solar panels
  • Color mixtures and optical illusions
  • Series and parallel connection with solar cells
  • Power dependence on the area of the solar cell
  • Power dependence on the angle of incidence
  • Power dependence on the level of illumination
  • Internal resistance of solar cells
  • IV characteristic and fill factor of the solar cell
  • Power dependence on temperature

List of components:

1 x 1100-02 Solar module 0.5 V, 840 mA
1 x 1100-07 Solar module 1.5 V, 280 mA
1 x 1100-20 Lighting module
1 x 1100-25 Buzzer module
1 x 1100-27 Motor module without gear
1 x 1100-28 Color discs - Set 1
1 x 1100-29 Solar cell cover set (4 pieces)
1 x 1130-01 Carton 1130
1 x L3-01-176 Insert PV Basic 1130
1 x L3-03-202 Layout diagram PV Basic 1130
1 x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Extras needed:

1 x 5501.2030 leXsolar-Minikit Basic
1 x 5501.2031 leXsolar-Kit Basic