Laparoscopic trainer Teacher Full HD 1.7

Laparoskopický trenažér Teacher Full HD
The second HDMI output for connecting another display device eg. A second monitor or data projector.
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This laparoskopic trainer is a universal device for the training of skills needed in laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic-trainerThe trainer consists of laparoscopic torso with its own camera and display units with LED monitor. No additional equipment is needed to use this instrument.

Thanks to a movable camera it is possible to change a visual angle of an operating space.
One side of a trainer's covering dome is transparent, the other side is covered by metalic foil. This arrangement enables training in two modes.

Basic mode allows absolute beginners to control training of laparoscopic instruments under the direct eye control.

In an advanced mode the control of an operation space is possible only by means of display on a screen. This mode provides a perfect simulation of a real laparoscopic operating to more advanced surgeons.

Sixteen ports on the top of the trainer enable introducing the instrument in different directions, including simulation of the single port techniques.

Using the flexible mounting system a wide range of training objects may be fixed in the operating space of the trainer from special training devices across tissue and organ models to the actual biological specimen.

Supplied with Specimen mounting tray, Basic suturing set, Skills set (4 tasks), Maryland forceps (2 pcs), Metzenbaum scissors and Performance ASsessment Software [PASS] (only with Professor model).


Specification of Full HD Line:

  • digital camera Full HD/1080p
  • efficient LED light source
  • Full HD LED monitor 22" (Training station with 23" Full HD display)
  • USB port for PC connection (only LT018 Full HD Profesor).
  • Performance ASsessment Software [PASS] (only LT018 Full HD PROFESSOR)
  • Sixteen ports - four ports for „single port laparoscopy" simulation
  • Flexible mounting system for fixation training object

Note: Each model is available as Desktop trainer with 22" LED monitor or Training station with movable stand and 23" LED monitor ('s' items).


Comparison of diferent types:
Full HD
Student 1.6
Full HD
Teacher 1.7 
Full HD
Profesor 1.8 
 Laparoscopic torso yes  yes  yes
 Digital camera Full HD / 1080p yes  yes  yes
 Stand with the display unit   yes   yes  yes 
 Led Full HD display 22" (Training station with 23" Full HD display)  yes  yes  yes
 VESA display mount incl. mounting kit  yes  yes yes
 The main power cable set (1,8 m and 0,5 m)  yes  yes  yes
 HDMI cable to connect display unit and display (0,5 m)  yes  yes  yes
 Antireflection pad, bowl for fixing training material with 4 pcs clip   yes  yes  yes
 Basic set for practicing surgical stitching   yes  yes  yes
 Skills set (4 tasks)   yes  yes  yes
 MARYLAND forceps   yes  yes  yes
 METZENBAUM scissors   yes  yes  yes
 Second HDMI output + HDMI cable (1,8 m) - for connect an additional display device    yes  yes
 USB port with cable (1,8 m) - for connect the display unit with PC       yes
 Performance ASsessment Software [PASS]       yes
Skills set (4 tasks)

  • Real Tools - Real laparoscopic instruments are used during the training. This arrangement guarantees perfect skills for routine usage.

  • Training Close to Reality - Besides training objects it is possible to make a training with real biological tissues, what makes the training very close to reality.
Real tissue
Real tissue
Real tissue
Optional accessories:
  • Laparoscopic needle holder type V, 5/330 mm
  • Training aid "Shoelaces"
  • Advanced suturing set
  • Suture training pads
  • Base for fixation models of organs and tissues Limbs & Things
  • PremiCron suture HR22 2/0 75 cm (36 pieces)
  • Carrying bag (set)
  • Table for laparoscopic simulator
  • Laparoscopic trainer cart