Fruit Basket

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Game collection that is rich in vitamins and variants… to train perception, memo and language. This is all about well-known types of fruit and veggies. For each fruit or vegetable, there are one or two photographs and one each color and black-andwhite graphic. Furthermore, there are photographs on which some of the fruit and vegetables are shown cut in parts. The cards can be allocated according to different criteria: two identical photographs, photo and matching graphics, photo and cut fruit, color etc.

Play options: memo game, picture lotto and puzzle. The black-and-white graphics can also be used as copying templates for coloring pictures. The games enable learning progress in small steps. All that has been learned can be repeated in different game variants from easy to difficult and in daily life.

Contents per game collection: 51 photo cards, 21 colored and 21 black-and-white graphic cards, 5 puzzles with 2-6 pieces.

Dimensions: Cards 9 x 9 cm.

Age: 3+


This game supports

  • perception
  • language
  • memory skills