Equine Palpation/ Colic Simulator

Koňský palpační a střevní simulátor
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Horse Body Features
  • Modeled as a standard 15 hand Quarter Horse
  • Steel reinforced epoxy/fiberglass construction with water resistant components for ease of cleaning
  • 1.5m at the shoulder and 2.25m from nose to tail. Widest point is 0.6m
  • 5 section inflatable latex GI tract. Right and left ventral colon, right and left dorsal colon and cecum. 3m section of small intestine with mount
  • Spleen and left kidney attached with the renosplenic ligament. Palpable aorta capeble of simulating pulse
  • Palpable soft uterus with cervix, urethra and broad ligament
  • 3 sets of interchangable ovaries- anestrus, estrus and estrus with follicles
  • Abdominocentesis function with replaceble pad, fluid reservoir and palpable linea
  • Comes standard in black
    • Custom breed/ paint avaible for an additional cost
  • Artificial removable tail
  • Soft, durable perineum panel
  • Replica polyurethane pelvis
  • Inflatable vinyl rectum
  • Recycled plastic base
The Equine Neck Venipuncture/ IM Injection is removable from the horse body and may be used as a stand alone unit. Can be purchased separately. Features include:
  • Jugular venipuncture with palpable veins
  • Easily replaceble latex vein tubing that can endure multiple punctures, includes 5 sets of veins
  • Mechanical system allows the veins to be preasurized
  • Gravity fed, no pump required
  • Long lasting, easily removable, washable, replaceble hide covering with mane
  • IM site that can endure multiple punctures and accept fluid injections
  • Soft silicone head with flexible ears and well rendered anatomy illustrates facial injection sites and accepts a bridle
  • Rolling stand adjustable for height, rostral tilt and 90 degree rotation
Replacable parts
Abdominocentesis pad, GI tract, perineum panel with equine uterus, ovaries, spleen, kidney, aorta, veins, intramuscular pads, mane and hide