VBFT.SL+P4Z - Width 1 200 mm, combinated doors

K90.196.120.MF.FDAC+P4Z - Šířka 1 200 mm, kombinované dveře
Types of safety cabinets:Typ 90 - kombinované dveře
Color:Světle šedá
Interior equipment:4 police + 4 výsuvné police
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  • Detailed decription
  • Combi-Cabinet for flammable liquids, acid and alkalis
  • Safe and approved storage of hazardous materials in workrooms
  • 90 minutes fire resistance cabinet in accordance with EN 14470-1
  • Cylinder locking (suitable for masterkey systems)
  • The extraction air inlet is flush with the ceiling of the cabinet
  • Adjusting aids to compensate for uneven floor
  • Earthing link (standard)


  • Smooth, air-damped door closing
  • Minimal effort: door opening - easy and safe
  • Door closing system outside the storage compartment: increased protection of moving and safety relevant components against corrosion


  • 90° opening, interior of the cabinet completely visible
  • Less depth open, space saving, protection by vertical anti-trapping door strip

Door open arrest system (standard)

  • Holds door open and eases the storage and removal inside the cabinet
  • Door open arrest system with an ingrated, thermal release system (fusible link), automatic closing of the doors

Interior equipment

Drawers (for flammable liquids)

  • High storage capacity (see table), fully extractable, smooth running
  • Sealed by welding, impervious to fluids
  • Load capacity per drawer (evenly distributed load): approx. 25 kg

Shelves (for flammable liquids)

  • 3 adjustable shelves with inclination and pull-out protection, adjustable in different height in 32 mm - load on one shelf (uniform distributed) approx. 75 kg
  • 1 perforated metal plate incerted at the bottom of collecting sump
  • Easily removable bottom collection sump with three-sided lip seal for safe collection of leakage

Pull-out shelves (for acid and alkalis)

  • Load capacity per drawer (evenly distributed load): approx. 25 kg
  • Capacity: approx. 15 litres

Cabinet with width of 1 200 mm

  • One wing door and one folding door
  • Dimensions W × D × H (mm): exterior approx. 1 200 × 615 × 1 968 mm, interior approx. 1 050 × 520 × 1 740 mm
  • Weight: approx. 420 kg