Handheld optical refractometer HR-120

HR-120 - Refraktometr ruční
Types of refractometers:Hand refractometers - optical
What do I measure:Sugar % (°Brix)
Scale:Sugar % (°Brix)
Range:0 - 32
Temperature compensation:-
Number of ranges:1
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  • Food applications include the measurement of sugar in grape must and other fresh fruit, processed food, sugar solutions and beverages. Starch, honey and salt solutions may also be measured.
  • Hand held refractometers are also commonly used to control blend ratios of various industrial liquids. Chemical blends such as glycols, battery acid, heat exchange fluids, automotive antifreeze, aviation ‘wing de-icers’ and aviation fuel ‘ice inhibitors’ can be controlled easy whilst measurement of industrial fluids such as coolants, quenchants and hydraulic oils are commonplace.