GX-400 EC - Precision Balance with internal calibration

Váha A&D série GX
Type Balances:Precision Balances
Capacity (maximum):410 g
Minimum weighing value:0.001 g
Approval (Verif. ČMI):YES
Specifications:Approval, Calibration with an internal mass, Comparator function, Counting function, Animal weighing function, Percent mode function, Density function, Under hook
Weighing pan [mm]:128 × 128
Quantitative unit:ks
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  • Detailed decription
  • Files for download
  • EC type approval. The first approval is included in the price.
  • Fast, new Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) gives you the ultimate in response speed - Just ONE Second!
  • Resolution Range among models: 1/61,000 to 1/1,100,000
  • Internal Calibration and Internal Calibration Mass makes calibrating your GX easier.
  • Balance easy when you relocate or bump your balance. Just push a button!
  • Automatic Self-Calibration calibrates the balance when it detects changes in the ambient temperature
  • Large, bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display - see the display even in the dark
  • Percentage, Counting Functions & Comparator functions
  • ACAI Counting Function for highly accurate counting
    Bright, blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance


  • Glass Breeze Break
  • Animal Weighing Pan
  • Density Determination Kit for GX 200/400/600/800/1000